Saturday, July 26, 2008


Vampirism or Haematophilia is the fetish for blood.
Menophilia is the fetish for menstruating women.
Blood to me is exciting.
A visual delight.
It has been that way since I was a young girl.
Nose bleeds and the sight of blood was exciting to me.
I would sit in the mirror and watch the red rivulets run down my face.
I began to menstruate and after a period of self loathing and fear of my cycle.
As I began to mature more in my studies as a witch I began to honor, respect and welcome the sacred power of blood. Soon my thoughts revolving menses changed and I began to see it as a powerful magickal conduit and a highly sexual fluid for me.
I began to incorporate blood into my magickal rituals and in my more evolved sexual practices. Blood Fetish or Vampirism is a taboo fetish. Blood is a controversial bodily fluid. Especially in post AIDS america.

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